Colin Gordon


About the 'Jack Arts' Exhibition

In the autumn of 2020, while I was working on the pictures that would become ‘Once Upon a Time’ a friend and colleague of mine Martin Gray; writer, photographer, curator and events organizer, suggested including my work as part of a UK wide public arts project organized through ‘JackArts’, a London based marketing and advertising agency, with operations here in Scotland. Working in partnership with various local authorities across the UK they organized the exhibition of artworks by a number of contemporary artists using public spaces loaned on a temporary basis for this purpose.

Over a period of months, Martin and I collaborated to produce an art installation for a site on West George street in Glasgow. The final piece comprised of 6 large illuminated panels; 5 images and 1 text. The images used were-

‘The Forest’, ‘The Boat’, ‘The Storm’, ‘Landfall’ and ‘The Happy Land’(ver.1), to represent in truncated form the journey of the four characters in the story. Similarly, the text expressed the meaning of the story and some biographical information was also included. The installation was on display for a number of weeks and was well received.