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“Art is the necessity invented to cope with the ones that are unavoidable, but not always obtainable. If we admit that the need for sex, water, food, clothing, shelter, and some form of medicine was there from the beginning and that not having any one of these for any length of time still affects how long a person will survive, I think it is likely that for as long as people have been able to make faces, clap their hands together, dance, act out what they saw, blow soot over their hand onto a cave wall, or tell stories, we have always had ways of taking our mind off the fact that we are thirsty, hungry, cold, have nowhere to stay, are suffering from a toothache, or desperate for sexual contact. So, art is a basic need, because without it life would continue, but in a way unimaginable to us.

What art gets used FOR fills the history books that nobody needs to read. If someone tells you a joke that makes you laugh, they are performing exactly the same function as a Beethoven symphony that makes you cry. They are not the same thing, but each causes you to have feelings that are not necessary for survival. but about things that aren’t there. Art is a necessity imagined.”

- Colin Gordon

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Colin Gordon is an artist based in Glasgow. I work in a range of drawing and painting media with a range of subject matter, including cityscape, figurative, portraiture, and landscape.